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August 16, 2013
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“Wait, Haru! I can explain!” You called, standing up to chase after him. You ran after the onyx-haired boy, desperately trying to keep up with him. “Slow down, Haru-chan!” Saying this, you stumbled over a tree root, landing on your hands and knees.

The sharp pain in your knees echoed that in your heart. Gazing at his back recede into the distance, you felt the feelings overwhelm you and you started sobbing. The tears streaming down your cheeks seemed to only worsen the pain and misery you felt at causing Haru such grief.

“No… Haru… I…” You sobbed, barely managing to hiccup out the words. Your sentence trailed off into thin air, your words becoming mumbled jumbles of incoherent and illogical sound.

Hearing your sobs, Haru quickly turned around. “(Name)-chan…?!” He made a beeline back to where you were collapsed on the ground, surprise and worry clearly evident on his face. “Are… Are you alright…?!” He ran back to you and was almost there, when a loud shout stopped him in his tracks.

“HARU!!! Get away from her!” A loud, angry roar erupted from Rin, who had appeared out of nowhere to stand next to you. He took you by the arm, hoisting you up and forcing you to stand. “(Name)-chan… Why are you crying? Is it because of him? What did he do to you…?!” He looked down at you, anguish for you and anger at Haru clearly written across his face. When you wouldn’t answer, he shook you by your shoulders a bit. “(NAME)-CHAN!! ANSWER ME!!!”

You hiccupped, hurriedly wiping your tears away with the back of your hand. “Haru-chan… He didn’t do anything… It’s not his fault…”

“(Name)-chan… You wouldn’t cry on your own without reason to, right?! Haru!! What’d you do?!” He hugged you to his chest, squeezing you tightly.

“Rin… It… It’s alright…” You softly murmured, not wanting to make the situation worse.

“C’mon, (Name)-chan. We’re leaving.”

“W-What?! Wait a sec, Rin!! Wait a sec!” Pulled strongly by the hand, you had no choice but to meekly follow the boy. You cast a glance over your shoulder at Haru, your heart hurting when you saw the pain so evident on his face.

After walking for a while, you reached a secluded corner of the schoolyard. Rin leaned against the brick wall, still tightly holding onto your hand. “Hey… (Name)-chan… Do you really…”

“Really what…?” You murmured, your face flushing pink.

“Do you really like Haruka?”

“W-What are you talking about?! Of course I like him!”

He looked away, a hint of disappointment in his expression. “Do you like him in that way?”

“N-no… He’s… He’s just a friend…!” You blushed even more at the mere suggestion of Haru being more than just a friend to you, despite the fact that Haru had made it quite clear that that was what he wanted to be. Leaning against the wall, you sighed.

“Hey, (Name)-chan…”


“Am I allowed to be in love with you?”


Dropping your hand, the boy moved to stand in front of you. Pinning you against the brick wall, he stared into your eyes, seemingly seeing right through you, dark, passionate red clashing with timid, slightly embarrassed (eye color).

A deep red flush reached the tips of your ears. “R-Rin?!”

He dropped his arms to his sides and reached for your hands, grabbing them tightly once more. “Would you give me a chance?”

You cocked your head, a bit overwhelmed with this sudden confession from a boy you least expected one from. “Rin… Um, I don’t know what to say…”

“That’s to be expected~ …Think about it.”

“Um… I… Uh… I will… I’ll think… about it...” You put your hands to your cheeks and looked down at the ground, staring your not-very-interesting shoes.

“Meet me at the train station next Saturday, at eleven. I’ll confirm your feelings for me.”

“Uh… Y-yeah… I’ll see you there…”

Grinning, he turned around and walked off, leaving you there alone.

You pressed your hand to your heart, feeling it go doki~doki.
Free! The Water's Melody: Haru x Reader x Rin, Part 6

I swear, they are more like 15 or 16 year olds than 12 year olds... What 12 year old knows for sure that they 100% love someone? XD I'm sorry! //shot

Regardless... RIN I LOVE YOU TOO //shot

Ugh, who to choose now... It's a competition for Reader-chan's love! Who'll win, Haru or Rin? And, is that a new competitor I foresee in the near future? Oh my gosh!!! The excitement!! It's getting hotter and hotter... I don't think I can survive another chapter like this... Somebody, save your poor author! //dies from blood loss orz

If you liked this and want to see more stuff like this, ASAP, add me to your watch! :+devwatch:

WM, Part 1:
WM, Next Part:

If you want me to write Part 7 faster, comment! :D Comments (not so much faves, but faves are loved too) inspire me to write faster!!!


If you liked "The Water's Melody," you may also like "My Treasure is My Torment"! It's a Reader x Mermaid!(merman?)Haru fanfic :D Check it out here:

TT Pt 1:

I don't own Free! Iwatobi Swim Club, or any of the characters affiliated with that series.
Plot line (for this part) was inspired by =strawberrimilktea
Preview picture from here:…

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I remember in like 5th grade, there was this girl dating one
guy, and then they broke up or something, and then she started
dating another guy, and then she broke up with him, and then her
"ex" boyfriend wanted to date her again, and then after that her
other "ex" also wanted to date her again, and I was just like, THIS IS
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