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            “Mommy, how did you and daddy meet?”

            You look down affectionately at the young child sitting on your lap, (his/her) shock of pink hair flopping gently down into (his/her) (your eye color) eyes. Ruffling (his/her) hair lightly while chuckling, you reply. “He burned down my bed and breakfast inn. I hated him.”

            Your child’s eyes widen as (he/she) looks up at you in shock. “You… hated daddy?”

            “Yes, but that doesn’t change the fact that I love him now.”

            “He burned down your inn? Wait, mommy ran an inn?!”

            “Yeah,” you chuckle sheepishly. “I was low on money and I thought it’d be fun.”

            “Tell me what happened, mommy!”

            “Well, it was a day a long, long time ago…”




            The wooden door to your inn opened, creaking softly as a young man with a bright shock of pink hair stepped inside, accompanied by a flying blue cat.

            “Welcome!” your voice rang out, breaking the silence that had been suffocating your small B&B for the whole day. You simply raised an eyebrow at the young man who seemed to be giving off “delinquent” vibes – his rosy hair didn’t help much, either.

            You watched as he slowly made his way towards the counter. “Can I stay here for one night?”

            “Sure. Name, please?”

            “Natsu Dragneel.”

            “Payment, please.”

            He handed you the money, which you proceeded to count with astonishing efficiency before placing it in the cash register.

            “Thank you. One bed, right?”

            “Yup! Is breakfast included?”

            “Well, this is a B&B… so yes, breakfast is included.” You chuckled slightly, handing Natsu the keys to his room before directing him to his room. “It’s over that way. Turn left and it’s the third door to your right. Enjoy your stay!”


            You were woken up by loud shouts coming from the lobby of your inn. Sighing, you threw on a light jacket over your sleeping clothes before running to see the commotion.

            As you turned the corner, you could see chairs flying and your clerk, who manned the B&B during the night shift, cowering behind the sign-in counter in fright. Slowly creeping along the ground, avoiding the flying objects overhead, you reached your clerk and whispered to her. “What the heck is going on?!”

            “(Name)! I’m so glad you’re here!” the young woman hugged you enthusiastically. “Well, those two are our guests… apparently the blonde one on the left was insulting the pink-haired guy’s guild, I think. I guess the pink-haired guy was pissed off and started to fight with the blonde? I’m not entirely sure…”

            “Alright. You wait here, and I’ll try to break them up.”

            “Will you be alright?”

            “You forget, my dear, that I can be very persuasive.” Winking at the young woman, you smirked and rolled up your jacket sleeves. “Let’s get to work…”

            Making as if to step in between the dueling duo, you turned to face Natsu and, balling up a fist and placing it on your hip, you pointed at him. “Natsu Dragneel! What do you think you’re doi—ahh!!” You ducked just in time as a large jet of flames flew over your head. Raising a hand to the top of your head, you sighed in relief – your hair was fine, albeit slightly singed at the top.

            Sighing, you crawled over to the kitchen. Grabbing two big buckets, you filled them up with water. Lugging them back to the scene of the fight, you stopped in your tracks.

            Your inn was in flames.

            And your clerk was hysteric.

            “Shhh! Stop shrieking and get some water to put out these flames, Alice!” you said with gritted teeth to your clerk.

            Walking back to stand in between the two dueling men, you bit your lip and strengthened your resolve. You tossed a bucket of water at Natsu and yet another one at the blonde guy, making them both sputter and turn to glare at you angrily.

            “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” the blonde roared at you.

            “I was in the middle of burning this guy!” Natsu added.

            “Shut up or I’ll throw another bucket at the both of you. Look around you! Look at my inn, my beautiful B&B! It’s gone. I expect reparations for this, Natsu!”

            “W-Why me?!”

            “You’re the one who used fire, right?! You burned this place down! I want a new inn, got it?!”

            “Yes, ma’am…”

            “And why were you two fighting, anyways?” Reaching out to grab the blonde – who was slinking away – by the back of his collar, you threw both him and Natsu into chairs as you stood before them, a death stare glaring them in the face.

            The blonde shrunk back in his chair under your gaze while Natsu looked back at you, meeting your look head-on. You sighed and facepalmed.

            “He insulted Fairy Tail!” Natsu yelled, pointing at the blonde.

            “He burned me!” came the reply.

            “You're both paying me back, got it? Blondie: I expect 20,000* Jewels as reparation. Natsu: I expect 25,000** Jewels.”


[End Flashback]


            “And that’s how we met, dear,” you finish.

            “Wow… did daddy ever pay you back?”


            Your child gasps, knowing how relentless you were when it came to collecting money that you were owed. “What happened, then? What’d you do to him?”

            You smirk and kiss your child on the top of (his/her) head. “He’s still paying it off, even after all these years. That reminds me…” Standing up and putting your child on your chair, you walk over to Natsu, who was currently shoving his face full of food.

            “Mmph?” Natsu looks up at you, curious. He obviously didn’t hear the story you just told your child.

            “Where’s my inn?!”

            His eyes widen as he remembers. Swallowing quickly, he waves his hands in front of his face. “(N-Name)! I-I still have to build it…”

            You take his plate of food and clear the table, putting the food away. “No more food for you until you at least get the foundations of the inn down, Natsu!”


            “You heard me!”

            He turns pleading eyes over to your child. “C’mon, (Child’s Name), help me out here!”

            Your child simply shrugs, as if to say “You’re on your own,” and walks off to (his/her) room, picking up Natsu’s plate and finishing his food for him.


*20,000 Jewels is about $200 USD, according to the wiki.

**25,000 Jewels is about $250 USD, according to the wiki.

Drabble Request for :iconkarinmiyamoto:! <3

Fandom: Fairy Tail
Pairing: Reader x Natsu


Stupid plot bunny. It took me forever to catch one OTL I hope you guys found this funny! :D And I hope Natsu wasn't OOC OTL


Request a drabble from me for free! Limited time offer. (; 

If you liked this and want to see more stuff like this, ASAP, add me to your watch! :+devwatch:


I don't own Fairy Tail.
Preview picture from here; I think it's a screenshot from the anime, but I'm not entirely sure. 

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