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~Bonding through poetry~
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l o o k y . l o o k y

Currently Featured Work(s):

[Oneshot] Free!: We'll Wait ~ Rin x Reader
            It’s the middle of wedding preparations for you, the fiancée of Rin Matsuoka. Round tables made of mahogany, each seating about four, are dotted throughout the room you’ll use as the dining room. Each table is covered in a swan-white tablecloth (well, most tables are), perfectly ironed and smoothed to perfection; a pastel centerpiece consisting of your favorite flowers and tissue-paper origami sits at each table. Giant windows the size of doors are everywhere, the delicate, gold-colored window frames lending a soft golden hue to the light that streams inwards. (Favorite color) ribbons hang from the walls, pinned at even intervals so symmetrical that even Death the Kid would swoon in joy, as vermillion rose pictures line the walls, depicting where the actual roses would go. The floral scent is delightful to smell, dancing in an elegant manner before your nose.
            As you hurriedly
[Drabble] Free!: Sharky, Sharky! -- Rin x Reader
            “Doesn’t your dentist complain or something whenever you visit him or her, Rin?”
            A long pause. “...Complain about what?”
            “Your teeth. You should really have them checked... you do know that they’re unnaturally sharp, right?”
            An exasperated sigh. “I think I would know about the state of my own teeth, (Name)-chan.”
            “Okay. Just letting you know.” 
            Rin turns to look at you oddly – not the first time he’s done so in the past ten minutes, to be honest – and watches you dangle
[Drabble] KnB: Secret Stalker -- Reader x Himuro
            He wanted to know more about you… and Himuro always got what he wanted.
            Be it through manipulative tricks or by sappy honey-soaked words, that much was inevitable.
            And as for you…
            “(Name)” was synonymous with “loner” in your school. You were always watching from the sidelines as other exciting things happened, never really being able to or really wanting to participate in them.
            On Valentine’s Day, when boys and girls alike were flushing pink and brimming with excitement, their arms overflowing with chocolates, you sat there in a bored stupor.
            During school danc
[D] KnB: As Sweet as Sugar~Reader x Murasakibara
            Your family ran the local confectionary.
            As much of a dream as that may seem to be to others, it was somewhat torturous for you. Being the daughter of the owners, you had to help out in the store here and there – all the while not being allowed to sample any of the delectable sweets that were sold.
            Ah, how you wanted to eat them.
            On the middle section of the display sat the cakes, dripping with icing. Red velvet, chocolate mousse, carrot… you name it and your family store probably baked and sold it. Their fat bodies draped elegantly over their china resting plates as you mentally likened them to the classic Renaissance paintings of women, the soft lights of the store complimenting them perfectly. You wondered at how your parents

a b o u t . m e

Vivian ~ 14 ~~ KISSme ~ VIP ~ ㄴㅇㅅㅌ ~ BANA ~ EXOtic


APH | Free! | SnK | KnB | KHR! | HQ!!

Hi, and welcome to my profile page! It's nice to see you here.
pandas by Emoji-kun
|Languages| US and/or UK English, Chinese, some Spanish.
|Name| Vivian
|Birthday| May 23
|Age| 14. Ignore what dA says about my being 15.

:iconmatsuokarinplz: IS MINE OKAY HE IS MY BISHIEEEEEEEE //flails :iconmaniacscreamplz: I LOVE DAT BOY I SWEAR I WILL MAKE A SHRINE TO HIM ONE DAY :iconblushuplz: //shot

Pink Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser I'm just your neighborhood otaku nerd who loves anime, manga, math, reading, and writing. I also feel the need to excel in every subject or die trying o u o b

Pink Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser Contrary to my username, my favorite animal is actually the panda -- but I have nothing against dragons. I do love them all the same! ♥

Pink Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser I have a major sweet tooth. I LOVE SWEETS GIMME ALL YO CANDY //shot Oh, and I love the color blue. Like, LOVE it. ♥

Pink Heart Bullet (Set o1) by AngelicHellraiser Feel free to leave me a comment; I love reading them, especially long ones that aren't full of hate! I tend to be really formal when replying to negative-ish comments, so please don't think I'm a snob for being that way when I reply to those hate comments or whatever. I also appreciate every single favorite I get, even though I may or may not thank you personally on your page.

p e o p l e

Shadowofeons + dragonmunchy + frozen-hex
The Forever Alone Asian Trio

A is for Ai, S for Sufficient...and the rest are for bargaining for when my parents kill me~


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10,000 PVs!!1!!!one!!!1! 


t o . d o . l i s t

Last Updated When?: Who knows how long ago.

:bulletred: Nothing is done. Nothing at all.
:bulletpink: Only the rough plot is written down (simply notes, no writing).
:bulletorange: 25% of the piece is written.
:bulletyellow: 50% of the piece is written.
:bulletgreen: 75% of the piece is written.
:bulletblue: Needs to be edited.
:bulletpurple: Entire piece is fully written and edited; it only needs to be uploaded.
:bulletblack: The piece is finished and uploaded, and will not be touched again unless I deem it necessary to edit it or whatever.

:bulletblack: Shaitani, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club: Reader x Rin, Oneshot. Completely Paid. Finished Product: Summer Heat
:bulletblack: Shaitani, Hetalia: Reader x Russia, Oneshot: Alleviate the Pain
:bulletpink: Shinju-Tsukuda, KnB: OC x Aomine Daiki [Series]
:bulletpink: Atarashine, OC x OC [Drabble Series]

:bulletblack: Kyunu, Hetalia: OC Rei x Wizard!Russia, Oneshot. Finished Product: Friends, da?

:bulletblack: Closed - none atm.

Literature and/or Art Trades:
:bulletblack: None atm.

Prizes (and the like):
:bulletblue: Eleshou, KHR!: OC Elispritonique/Elise (and Kurohana/Fae) x Tsuna, Oneshot.

:bulletblack: strawberrimilktea, Free! Iwatobi Swim Club: Reader x Nagisa, Oneshot. Finished Product: Sentimental Value

Works in Progress:
:bulletorange: Ao no Exorcist: Title and Part 1 Release Date are to be determined. Will be Reader x Rin

:bulletpink: Kuroko no Basket: Title and Part 1 Release Date are to be determined. Will be a Reader Insert, but the pairing is currently unknown.

:bulletpink: Shingeki no Kyojin x Hetalia x Free! Iwatobi Swim Club: Attack on Mochi -- Reader Insert Crack Fic

:bulletpink: Hetalia: Daisuki, Aishiteru, Koishiteru -- Reader x Japan.

m r . m u n c h e s

. : Mr. Munches : . [Yui Ver.] by dragonmunchy
Art by strawberrimilktea

Kiriban_Dragonmunchy by m-miron
Art by m-miron

MrMunches by Shaitani
Art by Shaitani

Mr Munches by Shaitani
Art by Shaitani

c r e d i t s


~ Pink & Purple Sky Background by TaNa-Jo
~ Cute Star Background by Gasara
~ Blue and Purple Stripes & Stars Background by SChan
~ Nebula Rainbow Stars Background by darkdissolution
~ Blue Floaty Box by CypherVisor
~ Literature Author Tag by myself, dragonmunchy, with some assistance from strawberrimilktea
~ Icon by strawberrimilktea


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